Garden Mini Workshop Schedule

All workshops take place both days on the lawn in front of 1004, 1006, & 1008 Park Drive.

  • 12:30 Composting Jessica Starr (Master Gardener)

  • 1:30 Deer Proofing Michelle Andersen (Author of Deer Proofing 101)

  • 2:30 Beekeeping Rhonda Hampton (NKY Beekeepers Association)

  • 3:00 Conserving Native Bees Justina Block (Osmia Bee)

  • 3:30 Growing Butterflies Kirsten Childe (Visiting Expert)

  • 4:30 Raising chickens Liz St. Onge (Resident Expert)

  • 5:30 Sculpting Bonsais Zachary Jones (Bonsai Society of Greater Cinci)

Ask the Expert Tent

Bonsai Society of Greater Cincinnati (Both days) 

Cincinnati Nature Center (Both days)

Gorman Heritage Farm (Saturday)

Ask-a-Master-Gardener (Saturday)

Better Design, LLC (Sunday)